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Hotspot Welding Ltd was established in 2018 as a family business by Gideon Brummer who has over 30 years of experience in the industry.

We are situated in Silverdale. During our years in this business, we have gained a wealth of experience with regards to the handling of general steel services like Structural Steel, General Steel Fabrication, Safety Handrails on Excavators, Trailer manufacturing.

Our vision, as a company, keeping quality and service at the forefront, is to become the preferred supplier of fabricated steel and production welded components to companies like yourself, who represent big business in New Zealand. This would eventually translate into us improving our standard of life, the standard of life of our people, and on a bigger scale, the standard of life of the communities which we live in, and the communities which surround us.

Our business is contract driven, and we are proud to say that, in the face of strong competition we have successfully completed many contracts in the past. We have achieved these milestones not on our own, but because of the active contributions made by our staff. We admire the drive and commitment in our people and we try as far as possible to reward their contribution to our success as a business.

We are a emerging enterprise, with a drive to succeed, and we rely strongly on your support and we are sure that by supporting us, you will also be directly supporting our vision, and ultimately contributing towards a better New Zealand.

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